Why I’m Running (Again)

I have lived in Bloomington my entire life, and I can’t recall a time when there has been a stronger feeling of alienation from their City government, among more citizens.  It doesn’t have to be this way, and it shouldn’t be this way.

I’m running to serve again on the City Council because I believe I can play an important role in resetting the priorities and orientation of City Government to better reflect and represent the existing local community that it is supposed to be representing.

I served multiple terms on the City Council in the past and have a lengthy, proven record of leadership through listening – listening to citizens, neighborhoods and local businesses and working hard to represent everyone.  I ask the tough questions and vote in the interest of ordinary Bloomingtonians.  I have a proven record of hearing, understanding, and working hard to find ways to include diverse views and interests when it is difficult to find consensus.

I served as City Council president and vice president multiple times, and demonstrated the important ability to work effectively and collaboratively with county government, different city administrations, local businesses, labor organizations, and state agencies for the benefit of our local community.

I will listen to our own local police and firefighters, our unionized workers, our residents and neighborhoods, and our downtown businesses.

I will not prioritize advice from out-of-town consultants over the input of the people of our own local community.

I will move the Council to act more consistently and aggressively as a check on the executive power of the mayor’s office.

In all Council decisions, I will emphasize the City Comprehensive Plan and its emphasis on qualitative growth, not quantitative growth – an emphasis that I fought to have included in the Comp Plan during my my last term on Council. That focus has always guided my decision-making in my previous Council terms: A focus on better, not bigger, in every discussion of Bloomington’s growth and development.

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